Regis Designline: Texture Tousle

Written by: Brianlam

Hello there friends! I thought it’d be nice to share with you one of my current favorite hair products; the Texture Tousle spray from Regis. As a part of the Designline series of Regis product, this is a fairly recent addition so I dare-say this review will be on one of the firsts.

What is it?

While on the surface this may seem like another “high-end” hair spray where you are essentially paying more for the label than the product; this isn’t. The Texture Tousle advertises itself as a Firm Hold Flexible Finisher. This description is only half-right. While in some ways this spray can be used as a hairspray to lock in style, I believe its better suited to be used as a styling base to create texture. I’ll go more into detail in the styling section later.

The best correlation I can make to current products is that the Texture Tousle spray is almost like a spray wax. It adds a layer of product to your hair, coating it to make it separate more easily into easily discernible pieces. My stylist who first introduced it to me likened it to making your hair feel “dirty except without the grossness.” I suppose ladies who often leave their hair unwashed to do up-dos could relate to that feeling? Well as far as the feel of the product goes, the product goes on light and actually has your hair retain its softness around the edges.

If you’ve ever used any spray wax, or particularly Short and Sexy Hair’s Play Dirty Dry Wax you will have an idea how this spray works. However, unlike Paul Mitchell’s or Sexy Hair’s spray waxes, the Texture Tousle doesn’t seem to as easily saturate or clump your hair together. It’s more user-friendly than anything.

Availability & Pricing

I would imagine that you can find this product in any of the Regis outlets available to you in the country. However, as it is a new product only being about a month or two old as of the time of this article, it may still be a little hard to find. I personally found mine at the mini-salon in Walmart for the cool price of $12.95 USD. At that much for a 4.5 oz bottle, it’s a little spendy, but a pretty good bargain compared to what you might find in a higher-end salon. My only grief with this is that the spray itself is nearly impossible to find online. I’ve tried googling with quotes a different number of keywords pertaining to this spray and have gotten only one picture let alone any places that will let me order. So for now, you’ll have to buy this one in person.

Usability & Styling

This product is extraordinarily easy to use. You basically hold the nozzle anywhere from 6-8 inches away from your hair, hold it down and give a spritz all around. If you use it after you’ve already dolled up your hair with your Gatsby or etc, this will work as a nice hair-spray that will enhance your edges. However, beware that although the bottle says firm hold, you’ll have to eventually apply some more spray or at least try to fluff up your hair with your fingers to keep it up. The great thing about the Texture Tousle is that it doesn’t really build-up well, meaning that even if you continue to apply it throughout the day, your hair will not be crispy or caked in a layer of product. It’s simply astounding how this doesn’t happen when I often spray my hair closer than the stated 6-8 inches on the bottle!

If you’re worried about hold, it’s not that bad of an idea to style your hair, then use the Texture Tousle to layer it and then a standard hair spray to finish it. The coating from the initial layer of this spray really helps out in definition of spikes while also minimizing hair spray use. But don’t think you need to use a lot of this for it to be effective.

Another use I’ve found for this spray is to incorporate it earlier in your styling regimen as a volumizer/texture creator. You can spray this one right after you’ve washed and toweled dried your hair. Spritz it all around and then use your fingers to work some it into the roots. Then blow-dry for some crazy effects.

The strange thing about this spray is that although many sprays tend to frown or go haywire at the slightest breeze of wind, this spray just absolutely loves it. I first tried using this stuff while I was on a visit to Chicago and I immediately thought I’d have to invest in some more powerful hair spray to lock my style into place because the city really lived up to its name of being the Windy City. And man, did my hair, especially my bangs, go flapping around like a banshee as I was walking around downtown. But the amazing thing was that when I finally got out of the wind and brushed my bangs back to where I had wanted them, my hair was better than ever before. The introduction of moving air with this product can create a lot of layers and volumize your hair with incredible ease.

We’ve all seen those crazy Gatsby videos or the Asian pop-stars who have what seems like hundreds of little layers in their hair that are all amazingly volumized, but also seem to extremely soft at the same time. Some of us have even been able to painstakingly replicate their styles with lots of Gatsby and creative use of a blow-dryer. Well, I’d like to tell you my friends that the road has become a lot easier with spray waxes such as Regis’ Texture Tousle and the new FogBars and Spray Gatsby on the horizon.

Here’s a set of pictures of me taken last week that demonstrates the layering and volumizing possibilities with this spray.

Note: See how my hair stays in shape even against gravity! Also, its not hard

I initially washed and toweled off my hair. Then I blow-dried it for a bit until my hair was still fairly dry but still wet around the edges. I gave my hair a bit of a spritz with the Texture Tousle, worked it in and then applied a mix of Pink & Green Gatsby to shape some spikes. After that I blow-dried again until it was completely dry, taking care to volumize as much as I could before straightening the bangs and a few other areas. A bit more Gatsby to touch up, some more Texture Tousle and I was pretty much set for the day. When I went to take pictures, it was really windy outdoors so as our shoot progressively went on, my became more and more blown away. I would stop and give a quick all-around spritz of the spray every hour and a half or so, but by the time I took the picture above, it had already been 4-5 hours since I styled it and there were many many more layers and spikes than I had done by hand. I had simply made a bunch of big and medium layered spikes but the introduction of wind and regular movement aided me in creating more body and texture.

Another thing is that although this spray isn’t necessarily meant to hold your hair like a vice such as the Got2B Freeze Spray it still does a pretty fine job. I had a few shots of me break dancing and my hair was entirely fine even when my head was sideways, upsidedown, etc. The bangs fell a bit, but as anyone who styles a lot know, that’s going to happen unless you spray your bangs to stick to your forehead… But by far, this spray is great for the active folk. You could style your hair and go work out at the gym, session with some friends on some linoleum, or even ride a roller-coaster and your hair would still look great without feeling like you’ve got a spiky helmet on.

The Not-so-pretty

As with any spray over-use and spraying too close can invariable cause your hair to clump together in a saturated mess. However, this product is a little more forgiving in that it doesn’t totally solidify your hair. You can use your fingers to spread the hair apart that you over-sprayed and it’ll still retain some of its bounce and not totally feel like a foreign object in your beloved nest of locks.

Availability was a point that I mentioned earlier as lacking. It’s hard to find any mention of this product online so you’ll have to go to a salon to find it. Furthermore, the $13 USD price-tag might turn some people off because they can buy sprays that hold better for less than half the price with nearly double the amount. However, with the 4.5 oz bottle I bought at the beginning of March, I still have a little over half of it remaining with me using a substantial amount 5 days a week.

To make the best use of this product you will have to spend some time experimenting and manipulating it. The reliance on moving air to make great styles can be a hindrance to those of us who may not like blow dryers or having their faces in the wind so much. Also, it’s hard to make your hair look immediately great after you style it if you use this product alone. Strangely as I said earlier, this product makes your hair look better and better as the day goes on depending on where you are and your physical activity.

As far as most sprays goes, the Texture Tousle has a more pleasant spray in my opinion. To me the scent is kind of sweet, almost like something you’d find at a dentist, which only ups its potential to be a hazard. I’ve spent a lot of occasions already where I’ve been caught up in spritzing my hair, whether it be at my own mirror or outside where I’ve inadvertently inhaled a mouthful of the stuff and coughed up a lot. It’s dangerous to inhale any sprays but this spray may be a cause for a little more worry because the coughs tend to linger. I would accidentally inhale a bit, and then I’d still cough 10 minutes after the fact. Who knows, maybe its spring allergies? Better safe than sorry, so wear a mask like they do in China!

Vinh’s Rating: Recommended

  1. This is the link to the ebay listing for 1 bottle of this stuff!!! Good luck!! Happy New Years!!!

  2. I have used this product for the last 2 months (my stylist used it on me in the salon) I am hooked!! I have used alot of the expense products and they don’t hold a candle to this product. You use very little and your hair stays as you styled it in the morning but it is flexible. I can brush it when I come home re spray ( a little) and I am good all night. I have shoulder length very thin hair and I use the volumizing foam and the hair spray of this line. I get volume and hold every day without fail. I only shampoo every other day and my hair looks great all the time. The only issue I have is that I need a bigger can, I had to buy 3 bottles the other day so I have a stock when needed!!!!

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