Aquage Transforming Paste

Written by: Brianlam

So I was on a trip to one of my non-Asian friends who has a somewhat Asian hairstyle and I noticed he was using a hair product I had never seen before. I asked him about it and was like, “What is this…Aqua-gee?” After a quick laugh, he handed me the paste and told me to try some. I did, and I am now convinced that Gatsby isn’t the only product for Asian hair.

Initial Impression

The first thing I thought about was the packaging. He had the pump dispenser type and I thought (and still do) that it was a really neat way to dispense the product. This method only requires one hand and is very clean. It also comes in a dispenser that is similar to a tube of toothpaste. This method is also easy to use, but it prevents drying out a bit better than the pump.

The Review

The Aquage Transforming Paste does just as the name suggests. It transforms. And it’s easy to use too. Just take a small amount, rub it between your fingers for a few seconds, and just spread it throughout your hair. From there, you can move your hair almost any way you want.

With the Aquage Transforming paste, you get a multi-purpose styling tool that has a ton of control along with varying amounts of hold depending on the amount used. Much like Gatsby’s Moving Rubber series, the Aquage paste is supposed to malleable throughout the day and I’ve had pretty good results with that.

Right as you put it on your fingers, you will notice it’s a bit thicker and stickier than most waxes. However, it isn’t necessarily any heavier because I’ve found that I can use less product to get the same amount of control. I think it works really well as a very light base to form your hair into the right shape. Then you can add some wax or clay or just hairspray it. Also you could use a bit more product for more hold, and use it on its own. I tend to do that a lot, and it gives a nice natural looks throughout the day. Furthermore, you can apply it when your hair is wet or dry. I usually end up using it while my hair is still a bit damp for the sake of time and it dries very nicely. The versatility of the Aquage Transforming Paste is probably its best feature.

However, as with any other product, there are a few problems. The two biggest being availability and price. For all I know, the product can only be found in salons and online, but it shouldn’t be much harder to get than Gatsby. As with any thing you would buy at a salon, it is expensive. Both the pump and the tube are about $15-20 (I have seen some lower prices online though). On the other hand, both come with more product than your standard 80g Gatsby. The pump is 100g and the tube is 130g, because it supposedly comes with 30% more free. In my experience, you will also use less product each time so I think that the price evens out in the end. Another slight problem is that the malleability leaves your hair susceptible to gusts of wind. It won’t completely mess up your hair but you might need some hairspray to ensure your hair stays in place throughout the day.

Final Thoughts

Hold: 6

Control: 9

Smell: 5 (unique smell that I like, some don’t, but you won’t smell it once it’s in your hair)

Washing Out: 5

Ease of Use: 7

Versatility: 8

Sure it isn’t made specifically for Asian hair, but I think it works just as well as anything else if not better, and I encourage you to go out and get some. Some salons will even let you try some before buying it too!

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  1. Been my go to for last 10 years. i love this product and am surprised it is so under the radar.

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