Palty HairDye !

Written by: kiwibear

Helooo I’m new ! ^^ and here’s my first review

Palty Hair Dye has green tints in it so hair color goes BROWN instead of Ginger/Red and is especially made for Asian Hair.

So I decide to give it a go!

Here’s what mine looked like and the contents inside :

Palty Hair Dye Contents

Mine was .. Nana caramel latte.. I think

Okai, the process is easy if you’ve used home dye products before.

If not then I’ll give you a rough guideline

1. Don’t wash your hair beforehand, the chemicals are harsh so you want your hair to have its natural oils in it to protect the hair follicles from being overly damaged.

2. Put your gloves on and wrap a towel around your shoulders

3. Squeeze the all hair color into the mixing bottle and make sure its screwed on tight before shaking the bottle.

4. Then apply on to hair by switching over to the dye comb.

5. When whole head is fully covered with dye then just use bit of damp cloth to wipe the areas around face if any dye managed to get on to your skin. (ears especially and back of neck)

6. Wrap your hair up and use old clip to clip it in place, or use old shower cap or cling film if you so wish

7. Wait roughly 30-40 minutes (i usually wait slightly longer than it says so the color comes out stronger)

8. Wash it all out using water, then apply the conditioner provided

9. Dry and youre all done!

Here’s how my hair turned out:

Palty Hair Dye results kiwibear carmen lau

My hair was pretty light to begin with so it made little difference apart from the roots.

My roots went a lot lighter but you can still see the subtle difference and still slightly darker around the top parts.

My Thoughts


– Its easy to use

– The dye does work better than ones sold here in UK on dark hair and color comes out to what it says on the box

– The packaging is pretty

– Okai Priced – £7-9

Negatives :

-It made my hair very very dry after using it, felt like straw. The conditioner didn’t help neither. I’m not sure if this was because I dye my hair so much or it was because of the product. The feeling went away after 5 days of just washing my hair with conditioner.

-It made no significant changes to my hair color, it only changed my root color

All in all Palty hair dye works but its not one of my favourites, I think its slightly overrated than what it is.

I won’t mind using it again, but seeing as its only sold in the far eastern countries I guess I won’t be dying my hair with it any time soon.

  1. hey, just a question. I know this is made for more asian hair types but do you know anyone with dark blonde/light brown hair that has tries this hair dye. My hair is a dark ashy blonde and so far I have not been happy with the colours on the market in North America but I love the colours available to the japanese. I was going to buy some but woudl like to know before making the commitment if it will go well with a lighter colour.


  2. i like your review, where did you bought the hair dye? coz that is hard to find it here in uk. thanks.

  3. I’ve used the same Palty hair dye before. How ever, my result of the hair texture was much more different. Instead of feeling rough, my hair felt really soft. In my opinion I think the conditioner was what made it soft. It was so soft I think I lost a lot of my hair oil. I only dyed my hair for about 10 minutes and my hair was like the color of yours. Actually it had some bright orange color and my hair was jet black. Nice review, I like the guide how ever your ‘okai’ was annoying me LOL. I just dislike people writing like that >< .

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