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How to Prevent Hair Loss

While taking a shower I noticed a large amount of hair collected at the bottom of the tub. It finally occurred to me, I could be losing my hair. So I did some research on hair loss and this is what I found. 95% of hair loss is genetic.
Average person loses 100 – 200 hair strands a day. So it is normal to lose a bit of hair.

Why am I losing hair?

There are many myths on the internet regarding hair loss. In this article we will identify the cause of hair loss and what you can do to prevent and grow some luscious hair of your own.


My recent travels around the world have drawn my attention to a commonly overlooked aspect of daily haircare:  water.  You

3 Things Hair Tutorials YouTubers Don’t Tell Us

Videos tend to be edited a LOT meaning theres a lot of footage cut. Sometimes those really simple and easy

Between haircuts? Touch up your hair without going to the Salon.

You’re at that awkward stage of hair growth where your hair still looks alright, though, it could look better. However,

10 Asian Hair Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

What makes Asian Hair different? Asian hair has four main characteristic that makes it unique!

Defense of The Scalp

There are a lot of myths out there for what causes dandruff, and yes there are a lot of reasons

Damaged Hair?

Here are a few things you can do to help look after your hair:

How do i know if my hair

Top 10 Asian Hairstyle for 2009

We just wanted to show recognition for some great Asian hairstyle submission for 2009 at All of the pictures below were hand picked by our admins and were not based on votes.

Checking Your Hair On The Go

After spending a good 30 minutes styling your hair, you step out the front door to head to class.  As

Straight Up vs. Round

In my review of Purple Wild Shake Gatsby, I made a distinction between straight-up spikes and rounder styles.  Here’s some

Dyeing for a Change

So, changing hair colour always brings up the debate about DIY or go to a salon.  Here’s my take on

Champoo Tips

Shampoos are one of the biggest things people use, especially for those who love to style their hair.

The Japanese Straight Perm

Ok I have to admit, before I googled “Japanese straight perm”, I did not realise what a huge phenomenon it

Taking Care of Your Hair Professionally

Styling hair is an art, but having damaged hair is like painting on a broken canvas. No matter how beautiful

Long Luscious Hair (and how to keep it like that)

There haven’t been enough articles on style06 for us ladies with our long hair (well guys can have long hair

What Makes Great Hair?

Whether you like someone’s hair or not depends on your personal taste.  However, there should be some objective criteria to

Guide to Best HHair Product Ever!

Look here for the best hair product ever!

Whats the Difference Between Clay and Wax?

… what you think the difference is between clay and wax? cause honestly I don’t know myself I haven’t reviewed enough products to know every different product out there.

On Straightening and Irons

In response to Weesee’s video, I figured I’ll throw in my


So, I was watching a hair tutorial video on youtube and the guy in it said that if your bangs

The Shampoo Debate

“My cousin (hairdresser) told me that Pantene Pro-V gives your hair shine by coating it with a thin layer of wax which is unhealthy. Is this true?” This is an important question, and a popular subject of debate.

How to apply Hair Product (Wax / Clay)

One of the biggest problems of using any hair product is not knowing how much to use and how to prepare it. If you apply too much product to your hair, it will cause the hair to become heavy, sticky, and too shinny. Check this post out!

How to Fix Bed Heads 2015

Did you have a bad dream? and waking up to bad hair could make it worse. When I was a kid, I would always wake up to bad hair, and the frustration of getting the bed hair back in place!!! Now there is a guide, learn how bed head occurs, and what you can do to fix your bed head.

10 Random Hair Tips – by weesee

Want to style your hair like a professional? Weesee will teach you the art of styling your hair, and things to avoid. Check this out!

Mini Faux Hawk Tutorial


Face shape: Triangle
Hair length: Very Short
Product used: Xtah crude clay
Estimated time: 15  Minutes

Identifying Your Face Shape

First step in choosing the right hair style for yourself is to identify your own face shape. In general there are five different face shapes.

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